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Friday, 01 December 2017 19:41

Holiday Gifts for Senior Feet

It’s not always easy to buy gifts for the older folks on our holiday lists. Maybe your loved one has moved into senior housing or has become unable to participate in certain hobbies or activities any longer, and you find yourself struggling to think of a gift that they’ll love receiving. Shopping for senior citizens doesn’t have to be stressful...they’ll love gifts for their feet! Create a “Foot Basket” for that hard to buy for elder on your list. Here are some great recommendations from Jason Grossman, DPM:

  1. Shoe Horn: Diminished flexibility can make it tough for older folks to reach their feet to slip on their shoes. Choose an extra-long shoehorn that “shortens the distance” from hand to foot.
  1. Foot Spa: Many big box retailers sell at-home footbaths. These are easy to use (just add water!) and refreshing for feet of all ages. Add a bag or box of Epsom salts for extra comfort.

  1. Lotion or Cream: Add some pleasant-smelling moisturizer to your basket, along with a gift certificate for a relaxing foot massage, either from you or at a local spa. Does grandma or grandpa need a ride? Be sure to volunteer to make yourself available on appointment day.

  1. New Socks or Slippers: Those lotions, creams, and oils can make the feet slippery and set your loved one up for a dangerous fall. Choose a pair of fuzzy socks with treads or new, warm slippers with thick, supportive rubber soles for extra stability.

  1. Anti-fatigue mats are typically used in places where people stand for extended periods and floors are made of tile or hard wood, lacking the cushioning provided by carpet. These padded mats can make standing and washing dishes at the kitchen sink or shaving in the bathroom infinitely more comfortable.

Of course, the best gift that you can give anyone you love is the gift of health and wellness. If it’s been a while since your favorite senior has been seen by the podiatrist, click here or call Advanced Feet and Ankle Care at (732) 679-4330 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jason Grossman in our comfortable and convenient Old Bridge or Sayreville offices today. Dr. Grossman will comprehensively examine your loved one’s feet, expertly diagnose any active or potential areas of concern, create an individualized treatment plan, and work with the patient to ensure thorough follow up.